"I was a yoga newbie but Jodie was great at easing me in to it and offered different levels of poses for beginners and advance which I'm looking forward to building up to!​ I also felt my muscles were really worked as felt it the next day! Looking forward to real classes but still enjoying it on zoom!"

Katie, 30, Rotherham

"This was my first time doing yoga, not just with Jodie, but ever. Although I'm a complete novice, it was just right as Jodie did a good job of adapting the routine to suit different capabilities within the same group. I kept my camera off as I had visions of falling all over the place but no judgement was made and I'm proud to say with jodies guidance I didn't fall over once!"

Ella, Rotherham

"Fab first time of Yoga this morning with Jodie. Really enjoyed it and feel lovely and relaxed and stretched afterwards. Would highly recommend."

Lynsey, Rotherham

"I love Jodie’s classes, easy to follow and I always feel better after them. Great for all levels of experience."

Kelly, Rotherham

"I really enjoyed the class with jodie, she leads the class really well and gives alternative options if you want more of a challenge. I found her really easy to follow as a beginner and would highly recommend her."

Emma, Rotherham

“My daughter asked me to come along to yoga with her. As I am in the older age range with arthritic knees I wasn’t sure my body would cope! However even though my poses leave much to be desired I feel so much better and less stiff. I am really enjoying the classes and Jodie is a lovely teacher. She gives alternative options for the poses according to ability allowing you to go at your own pace. In just a few weeks we have definitely benefited from attending and hopefully will continue to improve. Thankyou Jodie”
Christine, Rotherham