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I’m Jodie. I’m a certified vinyasa flow, pregnancy, and postnatal yoga teacher. I’ve been practicing yoga for around 14 years now, and I’m always so excited to share the magic of yoga. I fell in love with the practice when I lived in Los Angeles, and felt a calling to become a yoga teacher. After some years, with gratitude, here I am! Living back in my hometown of Rotherham, UK I am blessed to be serving my local community with yoga classes.

What yoga can do to the body and mind is remarkable. Yoga has personally helped me with reducing anxiety, creating a calmer attitude to life, and most of all connecting with myself on a deeper level. Yoga has helped me to better understand my purpose here on earth, as well as a better understanding of the laws of nature and cycles of life. I’m no longer so moved by all the pressures from the external world, trying to fit in with the demands and ways of current society. I can listen to my intuition better and follow that instead of everyone else. On a physical level yoga has helped me to feel strong and toned from having such a consistent practice!

As well as a yoga teacher, I’m a mother to my 5 year old daughter, and our 15 year old cat.


Yoga truly is a magical practice, flowing the body with the breath, and being in the present moment.

Don’t forget, the external might be out of our control, but no one can control your internal. That is for you to create, and maintain as much peace, joy and love as you can.

With Love,

About Me: About Me

My teaching qualifications include:

  • Vinyasa Flow Yoga - 200 Hour - Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher Training

  • Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga - 65 Hour - Yoga Alliance Certified Training

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